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In 1993 Christina Beckenäs founded The Academy of Symbolism in Art. Read more: As a symbolist Christina believe that art apprehends more absolute truths which could only be accessed indirectly. Thus, the painted and sculptured scenes from nature, human activities, and all other real world phenomena in a highly metaphorical and suggestive manner. The paintings and sculptures provide particular images or objects with esoteric attractions.On this blog you can read about Christina and other artists´works of art, interesting ideas and cultural events. Pax Profundis! Pax Cultura!

Hejja, Hejja Josse "Gräv-Josse"

CREATIVE FRIENDSPosted by Christina Beckenäs Wed, January 29, 2014 17:33:46
Jag tycker du är en av de mest rakryggade personer (därför är du med bland mina "CREATIVE FRIENDS) som finns på Moder Jord.
Du granskar å gräver som journalist i "Uppdrag granskning"... som vikarierande reporter på tidningen "Faktum" etc...Din beskrivning av kontaktpunkten Sahlgrenska sjukhuset i Göteborg är otroligt träffande.
Jag hade förmodligen varit blind (om jag hade följt kontaktpunktens direktiv) på ett öga om jag inte själv hade fixat en tid hos en ögonläkare.
Jag är sjuksköterska och vet hur man trixar sig fram i/inom vården, men jag tänker på dom som inte vet hur man kommer fram... den personen som litar på en 20-åring "KONTAKTPUNKTEN" , utan sjukvårdsutbildning, som förmedlande kontakt vid sjukdomar etc... Jag tar mig för pannan... vem har inte-tänkt till vad det gäller den här "tjänsten"? (läs icke-tjänsten)

Alltid... alltid kommer du Josephine Freje med intressanta, kloka och häpnadsväckande infallsvinklar smiley.
Du finns även på FB

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Nyheterna med Gräv-Josse

CREATIVE FRIENDSPosted by Christina Beckenäs Thu, August 01, 2013 17:50:50

Nyheterna med Gräv-Josse

From den 29 juli 2013 och 3 veckor framåt kan du lyssna på den grävande journalisten Josephine Freje Simonssons häftiga program i P3 (kl 13 dagligen).

Josephine Freje - pålitlig och orädd frilansjournalist.

Håll i hatten för Josephine kör så det ryker smiley !

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Bétina Marcolin

CREATIVE FRIENDSPosted by Christina Beckenäs Sun, October 02, 2011 15:11:13

I have met Betina Marcolin personally a few times and noticed her strong positive aura of dedication and commitment as a dancer and fellow human being. She strives towards the goal of "Know Thyself" and helps other fellow human beings in their efforts towards the same goal.

Watch the video with Bétina Marcolin as a ballet dancer under the title "La furiosa"(below)


She made her first stage appearance at the age of four in Fontainebleau,France. She is a trained dancer formed in Paris, London, Copenhagen, graduated with the Solo Seal Award of Royal Academy of Dancing of London; she made a solo career at the Royal Swedish Opera and embraced a large repertoire. Nowadays she works as a freelance dancer, coach and choreographer.

She is ballet master at Confidencen and have been part of many productions on that lovely rococo stage, this summer with Mozart´s "The Magic Flute".

Bétina has a long career as a soloist dancer in classical dance and is still active as a dancer and creates her own works and choreographers. At her homepage you can find her CV and Dance CV.

With a great interest in Health Promotion she’ was a Trainee in the method Callanetics, ran a studio and taught. Her curiosity for the Human Body and its amazing "machinery" led to studies in basmedicin, steps 1 and 2 on Axelsson Gymnastic Institute. She wants to focus on the healthy aspects of humans rather than in diseases.

She works also as a trainee in Pilates and creates her own program.

Her spiritual awakening began 20 years ago when she joined the Rosicrucian Order A.M.O.R.C. where she’s an active member.

The desire to lead others to know oneself led to a course in "True Coaching" and diploma 2011.


The word coach originated from the Hungarian word kocsi "a wagon. It describes "something that transports people to a desired location."

As a Coach Bétina means that no other person can do the job for one self but you can seek support and help.

Helping others help themselves to a greater awareness is her driving force as a coach. The awareness may be about to get to know the body, to feel good in it and to train in peace and quiet in private where you have time to share your concerns and questions.

Being an artist is very much about being in a creative process and when it does not flow can coaching be a very good tool to move forward.

With her experience being on stage, she can coach you, who are a performing artist, with all the challenges that the profession sets.

Dance coaching means to unite the Body and Mind is the professional dancer's big challenge. The technique and expression should sit like a glove. Bétina offers help and support to work together to find the glove, go deeper into your use of the technology, go deeper into the movement's essence or any other matter relating to which the dancers.

How does coaching work?

Contact Bétina by phone or email to decide a meeting in a studio (60 minutes) or a phone call (45 minutes).

Language: Swedish, English or French.

Betina Marcolin/Own work

Tåp Studio


Classical Dance in small groups and private

Dance classes for opera singers


The studio can be rented for workshops and courses

French Acting in autumn more info French Theater Class in Stockholm.


Grandmother - The Pirate

Barockolin presents "Grandmother - The Pirate" on Ulriksdals Palace Theatre - Confidence

Saturday 8th October 14.00

A little poetic piece with voice, dance and pantomime that tell you when Grandma as a pirate went to the country Isikte in search of the treasure chest.

30min from 4 years

La Furiosa

La Furiosa - an apocalyptic vision - on Liljevalch Stockholm during the Autumn Exhibition "Hell". Choreography Susan Valentine.
The furious, ridden by fear and powerlessness. Dance solo is based on Gluck's Furies dance from the opera Orpheus and Eurydice.



Betina Marcolin Olbers

tel. +46 (0) 709285383 (in Swedish and French).

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Monica Ljungberg Öhrn

Creative FriendsPosted by Christina Beckenäs Fri, September 16, 2011 19:36:31
I´m very happy to present, a beautiful human being, Monica Ljungberg Öhrn who I´ve known since 1994.

Monica is a very creative woman (artist, teacher and lecturer). She works fulltime as an artist since 1995 - focusing on glass and ceramics.

She lovingly share her skills both as an artist, teacher and organizer of courses - in alternative areas and various meditation techniques - at her own Studio Löwås. Studio Lövås is a place with full activity in different areas such as art exhibitions, classes, meditation, yoga and as a meeting place, "A Crystal in Kosterhavet National Park". Adress: Lövås 4, 45205 Sydkoster, Sweden.

Monica is teacher trained, educated at Karlstad University Sweden in 1976, specialized in image and form. Also studied drawing, watercolour, life drawing, composition and silver moulding.

Monica has kept countless of exhibitions throughout Scandinavia and Great Britain. Her art is represented all over the globe, exept Antarctic. King Carl XVI Gustav has a work of art in glass with marine motifs and Queen Silvia has a large ceramic plate depicting a Sweidish deva.

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Saga Westler

Creative FriendsPosted by Christina Beckenäs Thu, September 08, 2011 06:57:54
On Tuesday, September 6 - I saw along with many friends - the movie "Faith". The first film in a trilogy "Faith Hope Love" created by film director and Jungian analyst Ingela Romare. The movie has previously been shown on Swedish television.

After the movie we told each other what had touched us most in the film. A very intresting evening, which ended with my dear friend Saga (symbolic painter and talented photographer) gave a small blue horse (ceramic) as a gift to Ingela while she read out this poem by Dom Helder Camara:

Be merciful Lord.

Take special care

of the people who are so logical,



that they are offended

when someone believes

that there is a small blue horse...

The small blue horse, Saga has had in her possession during about 50 years.

I exprienced the handover of the gift as an incredibly varm and symbolic gesture that touched me deeply.

Thank you Saga smiley.

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CREATIVE FRIENDSPosted by Christina Beckenäs Sun, September 04, 2011 12:19:21
I met Curt-Henry and Ulla-Britta Freje´s granddaughter, Josephine Freje Simonsson, at a Christmas party for about 20 years ago. Even then she was a Star who sang and played piano - with joy - before an audience. Nowadays she is a Star in the sense that she makes her "voice" heard as a journalist. I admire her for her charisma, courage and strong belief. She says "The dream is still to make journalism that can change the world, hopefully I never lose that."

Short about Josephine Freje Simonsson from her homepage: Award winning journalist, 29 years old. Worked for all the big newsrooms in Sweden. Worked as forging freelance writer in South East Asia. Got a degree in journalism and political science. Also studied economical and specialised history and specialised in developing countries. Former board member of The Swedish Association of Investigative Journalism. She works as an investigative journalist in all forms Radio, Text, Photo, TV and Webb. Until september 2011 she works at the Swedish Radio and from september at Swedish Television Uppdrag granskning/Assignment: Investigation

Read more in Swedish and/or English: - You can also find her on Wikipedia & Linkedin. Give her a tip, what to investigate at


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Creative FriendsPosted by Christina Beckenäs Thu, September 01, 2011 13:07:17

I admire Curt-Henry and Ulla-Britta Freje, who I´ve known since 1984. They are a married couple who both are still artistically active (he´s 91 years old - she´s 89 years). In 2012 publishes Curt-Henry Freje his next book, and both will then participate in an exhibition.

I met there beautiful daughter´s daughter, Josephine Freje Simonsson, at a Christmas party for about 20 years ago. A star then... and now smiley.

Read more about these tree amazing people on this blog. I begin to present Curt-Henry and Ulla-Britta Freje. In my next blog you can read about Josephine Freje Simonsson.


Marine Painter and Sculpor, a former navel officer and publisher, born in 1920 in Gothenburg. Educated in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Internationally active, represented in museums and in public and private collections around the world. He paints marine atmospheric pictures and ship portraits and naturalistic sculptures in a rustic style.

Represented: In Buckingham Palace, London, The National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, Royal Palace, Stockholm, Elysee Palace, Paris, National Maritime Museum, Stockholm, Maritime Museum, Naval Museum, Gothenburg, Karlskrona, Arlanda New Domestic Hall, Stockholm. Marina mood pictures and ship portraits and naturalistic sculptures in a rustic style.

In Swedish:

Image: Skagen Lighthouse


Visual artist and cartoonist, former actress and singer, born in 1922 in Stockholm. She debuted as an artist in Malmo in 1967 following training in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Internationally active with exhibitions in London, Paris, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo.

Represented in public and private collections in many countries.

In Swedish:

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Eldbjørg Nyborg

CREATIVE FRIENDSPosted by Christina Beckenäs Fri, August 12, 2011 09:47:53

Eldbjørg Nyborg is an incredibly creative person in areas such as writing, photography, travel narrative, crafts etc. Judge for yourself smiley, when you visit her website, look at her photos and You Tube videos (on the links below).

Eldbjørg´s last published book "Namaste Nepal". Read more in Norwegian and order:

Press pdf 6 october 2011 VIGGA Nr. 37 "Namaste Nepal"

Homepage (in Norwegian) with news, blogg and online shop: :

Photo Gallery:



YouTube Video 1/"Naturens rikdom" and photo watercolors Video 2/"Ut i naturen - Inn i naturen":

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