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In 1993 Christina Beckenäs founded The Academy of Symbolism in Art. Read more: As a symbolist Christina believe that art apprehends more absolute truths which could only be accessed indirectly. Thus, the painted and sculptured scenes from nature, human activities, and all other real world phenomena in a highly metaphorical and suggestive manner. The paintings and sculptures provide particular images or objects with esoteric attractions.On this blog you can read about Christina and other artists´works of art, interesting ideas and cultural events. Pax Profundis! Pax Cultura!

A Street Cat Named Bob

Books & MoviesPosted by Christina Beckenäs Tue, January 07, 2014 18:22:41
ME LIKE smiley!
A Street Cat Named Bob/James Bowen
"When James Bowen found an injured, ginger street cat curled up in the hallway of his sheltered accommodation, he had no idea just how much his life was about to change. James was living hand to mouth on the streets of London and the last thing he needed was a pet. Yet James couldn't resist helping the strikingly intelligent tom cat, whom he quickly christened Bob. He slowly nursed Bob back to health and then sent the cat on his way, imagining he would never see him again. But Bob had other ideas. Soon the two were inseparable and their diverse, comic and occasionally dangerous adventures would transform both their lives, slowly healing the scars of each other's troubled pasts. A Street Cat Named Bob is a moving and uplifting story that will touch the heart of anyone who reads it.".

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Planet Narnia

Books & MoviesPosted by Christina Beckenäs Mon, January 07, 2013 06:48:11
Now I ´ve ordered "Planet Narnia" (2008)/M. Ward

Read more:

The Narnia Code: C.S. Lewis and the Secret of the Seven Heavens

Michael Ward (2010)

The Narnia Code

Michael Ward discusses the medieval planetary symbolism that he believes is hidden in CS Lewis's children's stories about the magical land of Narnia. Ward discovered this symbolism by accident, and has said that it is a "genuine literary secret" that Lewis deliberately wove into the stories, and that it is the key to understanding Lewis's Narnia.

This clip is from The Narnia Code, a documentary film made by Norman Stone for the BBC. The film examines the ideas in Michael Ward's book Planet Narnia, which is a theological investigation into CS Lewis, Narnia, and the seven heavens.

Ward has now written a more accessible version of Planet Narnia called The Narnia Code.

The Narnia Code DVD - Discover the Mysteries Behind the Beloved C.S. Lewis Series

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LYCKOFÄLLAN/The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris

Books & MoviesPosted by Christina Beckenäs Mon, May 21, 2012 19:35:14
I´m reading The Happiness Trap/ Russ Harris

"The Happiness Trap is a unique and empowering self-help book - now published in 30 countries and 22 languages - that will enrich your life and fundamentally transform the way you handle difficult thoughts and painful feelings.
The title reflects a key theme in the book: popular ideas about happiness are misleading or innacurate, and will make you miserable in the long term, if you believe them."

Swedish: Eftersom jag själv inte har läst boken (återkommer snart med ett "tyckande"), så låter jag andra "tycka" om boken bl.a. Lyckobloggen :-).
Onsdag 6/6-12.
Läst "Lyckofällan" för ett par veckor sedan och boken ger ingen whao-upplevelse precis. Den uppfattas av mig som en mix-max av KBT och Mindfulness. Boken får, på en skala från 0 till 10, en 4:a.

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Books read during the Christmas weekend

Books & MoviesPosted by Christina Beckenäs Fri, December 30, 2011 19:25:54
During the Christmas weekend I´ve worked... spent time socially, sculpting and read a few books. Life is fab!

Books read during the Christmas weekend

One Day / David Nicholls One, a novel by published in 2009.
“One Day” is about a male and a female college classmate and follows them through 20 years of their life. It is written from each of their perspectives, from “one day” of their life. In letter form. To each other.
The book is currently being made into a film, starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess.
Ultimately this is a good read, and it is recommended. I would give it 3.5 stars (of 5).

Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts
/Lucy Dillon
About the book:
"This is a book about relationships, but between owner and pet as well as husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, and woman and new, unsuspecting baby-daddy. The emotions can be pretty raw at times given the subject matter (if you're dying to have a baby, how do you deal with a new friend who is suddenly pregnant and needing not to be? Can giving up a dog to a new owner be as heart-wrenching as giving up a child to the other parent?) but it's these emotions which really add a great extra layer to the story, taking it beyond fluff and into something a bit more substantial. Add in the fact that it's funny and charming, and generally entertaining, and you have a fabulous story that you won't want to put down, guaranteed to warm the heart of even the most devout non-dog person. "
I would give it 3.7 stars (of 5).

Grundläggande statistik (Basic Statistics)
Statistik för hälsovetenskap

"Den här boken ersätter den uppskattade och under nästan två decennier mycket använda boken “Grundläggande statistik – med tillämpningar inom sjukvården”. Förutom att innehållet omarbetats, ligger tillämpningarna nu inom ett bredare hälsovetenskapligt fält.... för... "beröra yrkesgrupper som folkhälsovetare, sjuksköterskor, sjukgymnaster, arbetsterapeuter, socialarbetare, läkare m.fl." /Adlibris

A Redbird Christmas/Fannie Flagg (reading right now)



"With the same incomparable style and warm, inviting voice that have made her beloved by millions of readers far and wide, New York Times bestselling author Fannie Flagg has written an enchanting Christmas story of faith and hope for all ages that is sure to become a classic.
Deep in the southernmost part of Alabama, along the banks of a lazy winding river, lies the sleepy little community known as Lost River, a place that time itself seems to have forgotten. After a startling diagnosis from his doctor, Oswald T. Campbell leaves behind the cold and damp of the oncoming Chicago winter to spend what he believes will be his last Christmas in the warm and welcoming town of Lost River. There he meets the postman who delivers mail by boat, the store owner who nurses a broken heart, the ladies of the Mystic Order of the Royal Polka Dots Secret Society, who do clandestine good works. And he meets a little redbird named Jack, who is at the center of this tale of a magical Christmas when something so amazing happened that those who witnessed it have never forgotten it. Once you experience the wonder, you too will never forget A Redbird Christmas."

"Comfort ... food for the soul.
As she did in her previous books, DAISY FAY AND

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Interesting Books & Movie

Interesting books & moviesPosted by Christina Beckenäs Tue, August 23, 2011 10:06:58

"Niceville" (in Swedish) "The Help" (in English) by Kathryn Stockett:

"The Help" Trailer (in English):

Den röda grevinnan/Yvonne Hirdman (in Swedish):

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Patti Smith

Interesting books & moviesPosted by Christina Beckenäs Thu, August 04, 2011 17:33:14
I´m reading Patti Smith´s book "Just Kids" and listens to her music "People Have The Power"

An amazing woman, poet/writer and musician. Just love her :-).

Read more lyric:

Read more Patti Smith:


Polarpriset 2011 (in Swedish):

Order the Book (Swedish or English):

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Even Silence Has an End/Ingrid Betancourt

Interesting books & moviesPosted by Christina Beckenäs Wed, July 27, 2011 10:55:28
Even Silence Has an End/Ingrid Betancourt - The International Bestseller about her Six Years of Captivity in the Colombian Jungle.

The book is most of all a book to Light, a Journey into our Soul and it´s a Journey how our Soul can free itself from the Ego.

"For all its horror and injustice, the experience of the political prisoner held in inhuman conditions has often been transformed into compelling literature: think of Solzhenitsyn or Dumas and Arthur Koestler: Now Ingrid Betancourt joins that distinguished company".


"An astonishing story. Betancourt was beaten, underfed, forced on epic marches and threatened with bullet in the head at all times. Far from undermining her faith in human nature, it confirmed her belief in man´s "endless thirst for happiness".


Order the book:

You Tube:

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Engelen/Ängeln Margreth Olin

Interesting books & moviesPosted by Christina Beckenäs Tue, February 08, 2011 23:55:52

I, Christina Beckenäs, saw this movie in 2010, at Gothenburg "Film Festival",

and it´s still lives inside me. It`s an honor to Margreth Olin that she didn´t show the documentaries "Engelen" because the main character was no longer addicted and had relatives to take into account. Olin made this lovely movie applause for it and her :-)!

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